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Low Budget Games
Based in Thessaloniki, Greece
Founding date: 2015


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April 7, 2015

iOS (Apple App Store)

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A pure challenge! Put all the balls in the holes by tilting your device, trying to match the colors for each hole, gathering any bonuses along the way and achieving the highest of scores.


The Idea

Impossiballs is based on an actual game we used to play when we were kids. The game was a small, cheap, wooden or plastic box containing small metal balls and the corresponding holes in pre-defined locations. The game' s objective was far too simple! Just put all the balls in the holes by tilting the box.

The Implementation

Impossiballs capitalizes on the actual game's simple gameplay and further enhances it with various arcade elements making the game suitable for a mobile.


  • Two modes of playing: Time Mode, where you compete against time, and Arcade Mode, with additional game elements, such as colors for each ball and hole, timers that change the colors of the holes, color-changers for the balls, and the -always necessary- bonus/presents, for points, extra time or a little bit of help.
  • Total of 30 different levels: 20 in the Arcade mode and 10 in Time mode, with increasing difficulty.
  • Three levels of difficulty for each mode: Easy, Medium and Hard.
  • The mose realistic feeling of gravity, using Bullet Physics Library, a real-time physics engine.
  • A very nice set of colorful graphics and original matching sounds, that create a cool and old-fashioned jazz feeling.


In-game video YouTube

Teaser trailer YouTube



There are far more images available for Impossiballs, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


About Low Budget Games

Low Budget Games is a game development company founded in Greece in 2015. Its founders are passionate with computer games since when they were kids and they think that the best way to combine work and passion, is to develop computer games themselves. Impossiballs is their debut game and their aim is to deliver high quality computer games that are entertaining and fun.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Charalampos Savvidis

Lefteris Savvidis
Level design, music

Maria Savvidou
Game design, graphics

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